The Room

The Room
Your room is warm and comforting, where memories abound,
You sit in contemplation, with silence all around,
You look towards that empty, chair where the one you miss, did sit,
And imagine her sitting there, safe home whilst she did knit,
But cruelly taken, far too early, and you left on your own,
You have only memories as you sit at home alone,
You long to share a book you read, or just discuss the plot,
But the empty chair is all you see, so your wishes come to naught,
Loneliness is something that one feels as you grow old,
Your partner gone, your friends deceased, but still you soldier on,
The daily routine carries on, you talk to all you meet,
But when the front door closes, there’s no one there to greet,
In summer there’s the garden for you to cultivate,
But wintertime means long dark nights, a time that most do hate,
Your limbs no longer supple, your joints they creak and groan,
The aches and pains of old age means you suffer on your own,
But don’t despair you still have time to occupy your mind,
To do the morning crossword and puzzles that you find,
Don’t stagnate watching TV, and mindless daytime soaps,
Your body may be knackered, but your minds still keen, one hopes!
© Ted Morgan May 2018

About edwardmorgan4

Have just published a book of my verse called Wordsmiths Wanderings it has 56 poems in it and is available now on Amazon I have had poems published in a number of magazine and newsletters. I have a second book now available called Peregrinations of the Wordsmith now available from amazon Nov 2016
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1 Response to The Room

  1. Ann Redburn says:

    This says so much Ted.

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