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Crompton Cat Story Three

Crompton in the Farmyard Crompton woke from his slumber, rolled over on his bed opened one eye .He then realised he was still living with his owners sister Nicola and the” two monsters” His owner Pippa was still looking after … Continue reading

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crompton Cat story 2

Crompton Goes on Holiday The phone rang and disturbed Crompton the cat as he dozed in front of a nice warm fire. Life was pretty good at the moment, his belly was full and his owner Pippa was ignoring the … Continue reading

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crompton cat stories

Crompton Cats Big Fright Crompton walked down the road tail held high and purring gently. The sun shone on his black back and he felt very pleased with himself. His owner Pippa had given him a pile of biscuits for … Continue reading

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They live deep in the greenery, out of sight and mind, Slimy slithery gastropods, midst greenery they’re confined, They much the flowers and foliage, leaving unsightly serrated edges, And produce a myriad little ones that nestle under hedges, In daytime … Continue reading

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