crompton cat stories

Crompton Cats Big Fright

Crompton walked down the road tail held high and purring gently. The sun shone on his black back and he felt very pleased with himself. His owner Pippa had given him a pile of biscuits for his breakfast and then he went to a house across the road where he was presented with a saucer of milk and a piece of chicken.
Pippa had no idea that this was a regular occurrence and could not understand why when she took him to the vets he had always put on weight.
“I have had him on the diet that you recommended” she told the vet “it’s a complete mystery to me why he always seems to have gained weight”
He hated going to the vet and it was his way of silent protest at what he considered his right to a good and substantial meal as befits a cat of his stature. To have his owners good nature subverted by this white coated individual who placed such scandalous ideas in her head was beyond his comprehension,
Now what is on the agenda today he thought, I might try and catch one of those squirrels that have taken residence in the large oak tree in that Major Millers garden. I heard him saying the other day when I was out doing my rounds of the gardens, that they were “A dammed nuisance”. It should be worth a bowl of scraps from his dinner if I could rid him of a couple, thought Crompton.
But just then his thoughts were interrupted by him catching sight of a large dog charging towards him. All thoughts of food disappeared from his mind and he started to run. Through Mrs Jackson’s hedge, across the lawn heading for the Birch tree in the corner. Claws out and up he went liked greased lightning. Somewhat out of breath by his rapid travel, he gazed down at the large dog that barked excitedly at Crompton high in the branches.
You‘ll have to get up early in the morning to catch me thought Crompton, how long will that stupid dog keep that noisy racket going Just at that moment out came Mrs. Jackson welding a large brush “Stop that noise at once” she shouted and proceeded to chase the unfortunate dog out of her garden.
Crompton watched the proceeding from the safety of his high perch with some satisfaction,” ought to be a law against letting dogs out or their own” he thought, “cats on the other hand were a different matter, we did not go around barking and causing a nuisance. We might upset one or two people when we bring presents to our owners, such as the odd mouse or bird. Humans were such strange creatures, they know that we can be very quiet and stalk our prey, so if we show them how good we are, why do they get upset? Must be a defect in their makeup, poor things. Still they give us warm houses to live in, and food so they do have some good points.
All thoughts of a foray into Major Miller’s garden to catch a squirrel had vanished from his mind as he slowly climbed down from the tree. Dogs are a menace they should all be kept locked up, they have no right cause such chaos to the neighbourhood.
Just at that moment he spotted a magpie hopping across the lawn intent on eating the scraps of bread that had been scattered about.” What a prize” he though as he slowly started stalking his prey.
Down on your belly, slowly does it, sidle under the overhanging branches of a large bush. Nearly there and I will have you” he thought. A loud squawk and a flash of plumage meant that he had been spotted. The magpie soared up to the treetops. I’ll have you one day he thought, Still you can’t win them all and with that thought he slowly sauntered his way across the lawn.
He glanced into the next garden and saw that a pond had been constructed with a large rockery at the back of it. Must have a look there and he wandered to the side of the pond. He immediately saw that it was filled with large Koi Carp. His mouth began to water at the prospect of a big juicy fish.
Putting his head down near the water he studied his prey. He lay motionless for a considerable length of time, his head partly hidden from the fish by a clump of reeds that the owner had planted at the edge of the pond.
Nearer and nearer the fish swam to where he was hidden, he adjusted his stance so the he could scoop the fish out with his paw. Just as he got ready to attack a large and what
Popping up in front of his nose were two large eyes and the ugliest face he had ever seen. It’s the Monster of the Pond, those eyes bored into him, his heart stated to pound, it let out a bloodcurdling croak and launched itself out of the water.
Crompton was away like the wind running fast and with a heart that was beating so fast with fright that he thought it was going to burst. My goodness that was the most frightening thing that had ever happened to him.
Then it dawned on him, that it was only a very large frog!
I hope that none of the other cats in the neighbourhood saw that, to be scared by a large frog, he would be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood. Gone would be his reputation as the coolest cat on the estate, no female cat would come near him without bursting into fits of laughter.
These were his thoughts as he padded away up the street towards his own house.
He turned into the gate to go up the drive, when he saw the car, oh no visitors!
Nicola his owner’s sister and her two young children had arrived.
I will try and sneak in and go upstairs under one of the beds he thought.
He jumped up onto the window ledge and was just going through the window when shrieks of joy were heard.
“Oh look Crompton has come to see you” said his owner to the two young Girls that were with her. Oh, No! Not those two, they will not leave me alone, and how can I escape?
He was too late, was picked up by his owner and taken towards the two monsters who were clapping their hands with joy at his appearance.
They both shouted let me stroke him and Crompton tried hard to wriggle from the grip of his owner, but the hands descended and he was engulfed in small hands stroking and patting him.
He managed to wriggle free and shot towards the stairs closely followed by the two little girls shouting and screaming, “Crompton come here” Not on your life thought Crompton as he rapidly ascended the stairs and shot under his owner Pippa’s big low divan bed . I should be safe now it’s too low for them to crawl under.The two children ran into every bedroom in the house looking for him but failed to detect him in his hiding place behind a pair of winter boots that had found their way under the bed. The sounds of the children diminished as they descended the stairs. Peace at last thought Crompton as he curled up and went to sleep. Dreaming of a large dish of fish, and the banishing of all frogs from the land! It had been an eventful day and one that he would not forget.
©Ted Morgan

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