Crompton Cat Story Three

Crompton in the Farmyard

Crompton woke from his slumber, rolled over on his bed opened one eye .He then realised he was still living with his owners sister Nicola and the” two monsters” His owner Pippa was still looking after her sick aunt. I will just creep down to the kitchen to see what goodies there are for breakfast. He said sleepily .
The children saw him enter the room and were after him like a shot “let me feed him mummy” shouted one, “No it my turn you did it yesterday” was the insistent voice of the other. “Don’t start falling out this early in the day” said their mum,
In the meantime Crompton sat under the table away from the commotion and waited for his food to be served. “Ah! Cornflakes and milk that looks good he thought and proceeded to lap it up. When he had finished he strolled off into the garden through the open kitchen door.
He saw a movement in the far corner of the garden and what looked like a ginger tail. He was across the lawn and into the bushes after the intruder into what was now”his” garden. He saw a ginger cat leap up onto the fence and disappear, he followed and when on top of the fence saw that his intruder was running towards a large building with straw bales poking out of it. He jumped down and entered the world of the farm yard. Just as he landed he saw seven large white birds with yellow bills and making lots of noise heading in his direction, one small bird I can handle .but seven large geese who were acting in a non-too friendly way was another matter. He started to run towards the barn with the straw in it and ran straight through the door, jumped up onto the topmost bale and stared at his pursuers. Who gathered in a gaggling mass pleased that they had rid their yard of a black cat.
Crompton looked round and saw that only half of the barn was filled with straw, He then looked up into the far corner to a large box placed high up under the rafters he saw two large brown eyes staring down on him. Where have I seen eyes that big before? He mused then he remembered it’s the great flying mouse thief! That must be his house up there, all it seemed to do was stare at him and the eyes never blinked at all, it made Crompton feel quite uneasy, this farm place was so full of unusual things and animals that he longed to be back in his house in the town. I must get away from here its creepy, he jumped down and to his delight the geese had moved away to the far side of the yard and did not see him creep out of the building. He went round the corner of the barn and walked into a large room where he saw a girl with her back towards him sitting by the side of a large animal the like of which he had never seen before. It was massive and had two horns growing out of its head, large brown eyes and a tail that was swishing from side to side. The girl was reaching under the animal and he could hear a swishing of liquid into a large pail the funny thing was that he could smell milk. The Girl suddenly turned round and spotted him. “Well who have we here?” she said “I have not seen you around here before, have you come for some milk? Or have you just come to say hello to my cow Daisy? “Crompton had heard the word before but had no idea that the large creature was called a cow or that it in some way produced milk. She put a small bowl on the floor and the next minute she seemed to pull something under the cow and a stream of milk shot into it. Crompton slowly walked forward and tasted the milk. It’s warm but it did taste so nice, far better that the ice cold milk that was usually served to him. The girl bent down and started to stroke him, what bliss, beautiful warm milk and a stroke. Crompton was enjoying this treatment but it was soon to end as in through the door ran a black and white sheepdog. He took one look at the dog and started to run “Oh look Rovers come to see you “said the girl, but Crompton was away as fast as his legs could carry him. He jumped up onto a window sill and was out into a large field. All around the field were sheep which to Crompton looked like large woolly dogs and also they were making a funny bleating sound. What have I let myself in for here he thought I just want to get back over the fence away from this strange and frightening place full of animals that he had never seen before, and if the truth be known did not want to see again .He started to make his way towards the hedge which would take him back home but he could see that the sheep were all running towards him. It was then he spotted the two dogs driving them towards him. OH Heck more Dogs! The terror was rising in him, this place is
non too cat friendly and if he did escape he would make sure that it was the last time that he entered the farmyard again. He felt trapped, if he outran the sheep he would run straight into the dogs. Oh why did I come into this dredful place? He ran towards an upturned wooden box and crept inside it to protect him from the ever advancing sheep which crowded round. He felt trapped. The sheep then parted and the dogs were at the far end of the field rounding up the stray sheep when an avenue of escape presented itself. Out of the box Crompton jumped and ran as fast as his legs could carry him through a small hole in the hedge and then jumped onto a small wall.
Oh! No there looking at him surrounded by hordes of small versions of this massive animal Crompton felt that he had escaped one bad experience with the sheep dogs only to end up looking straight into the eyes of the biggest pink beast he had ever seen. Poor Crompton he had never seen a pig before. The grunt lings was what Crompton named them and he was sure that he did not want to make friends with them or their oversized mother.
He ran along the low wall and found himself in the cobbled farmyard that he had chased the ginger cat across, what seemed an age ago. Down he jumped but he had failed to see the geese which spotted him running toward the fence that surrounded his garden. He just made it before the geese caught up with him. He jumped onto of the fence and disappeared into his own garden. That was a nightmare he thought I am not going anywhere near that dredful place again. Why do they have such large and strange creatures all in one place he thought? It took him several minutes to regain his breath and composure, after all he was supposed to be the coolest cat in his own area. He slowly walked across the lawn and into the house.
“I suppose you have been sunbathing in a nice warm spot” said Nichola If only you know the half of it thought Crompton and then walked across to his bed for a nice long rest. I wish my owner would hurry up and pick me up this place is the scariest place in the world he mused as he fell asleep.

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Have just published a book of my verse called Wordsmiths Wanderings it has 56 poems in it and is available now on Amazon I have had poems published in a number of magazine and newsletters. I have a second book now available called Peregrinations of the Wordsmith now available from amazon Nov 2016
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  1. Sheena Maxwell-Kent says:

    Brilliant. Are you going to put a collection of Compton the Cat short stories together?

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