Christmas Time

Advent candles, Christmas cards, angel atop the tree,
Turkey, Sprouts and stuffing a feast, for you and me,
Christmas pud and brandy sauce, and a drink or two at least,
All go towards the yuletide joy, that fills our hearts with peace,
Sleigh bells jingle, church bells ring, carols that we sing,
Baubles hung on Christmas trees, presents that we bring,
The baby in the manger, over the stable is a star,
The wise men as they travel to the manger from afar,
Sheppard’s watch the eastern star, surrounded by their sheep,
And angels watching over all, as a vigil they do keep,
This is the time of love and joy, of family and of friends,
To look back on the year that’s past, and perhaps to make amends,
© Ted Morgan Dec 2019

About edwardmorgan4

Have just published a book of my verse called Wordsmiths Wanderings it has 56 poems in it and is available now on Amazon I have had poems published in a number of magazine and newsletters. I have a second book now available called Peregrinations of the Wordsmith now available from amazon Nov 2016
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