Christmas Gifts

We all give gifts at Christmas time, but do spend too much?
The season is not all about the cost of things and such,
We surely can give presents, that do not cost at all
If we just think about what we give, when we just make a call,
And visit to some lonely soul whose friends have all passed on,
To have a chat and cup of tea, to show they’re not forgotten,
And make a vow to carry on and go that extra mile,
To bind the bonds of friendship which will leave them with a smile,
And any one that we have hurt, to say sorry and do mean it,
And repair the split, that caused the rift in our relationship,
These acts when feely given, are worth more that bars of gold,
For they display the ethics passed down from days of old.
So give to folks these priceless gifts, not purchased from a store,
They far out last any articles; of that I am so sure.

About edwardmorgan4

Have just published a book of my verse called Wordsmiths Wanderings it has 56 poems in it and is available now on Amazon I have had poems published in a number of magazine and newsletters. I have a second book now available called Peregrinations of the Wordsmith now available from amazon Nov 2016
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