Mum’s School

I’ve got myself a new job, thanks to covid 19,
The kids have come home from their schools,
And lots of books and papers I have seen,
It seems that I have graduated from teacher training school,
And I did not even realise my job switch was so cool,
I looked at all the lessons that my wards to me presented,
But teaching in a class from mum, was at times resented,
My addled brain I know was stressed, and thinking was contorted,
As my daring little charges, tried to get mums school aborted,
But I remembered how it was, when I went to school,
And laid down to my children, “Mum’s classic golden rules,”
Sit quietly and speak only when your Mum speaks to you,
And if you don’t do as she says, your playtime has gone too.
Tablet Time restricted if work is not done right,
And you “electronic dummy” tablets will be banned from you tonight
Its no use saying that “Miss”, at school does not do that,
When Mums “in charge” she will not tolerate, this kind of rebellious spat,
How long this situation will last, I really could not say,
But summer holidays are on hold, if “ball” they do not play!

© Ted Morgan March 2020.

About edwardmorgan4

Have just published a book of my verse called Wordsmiths Wanderings it has 56 poems in it and is available now on Amazon I have had poems published in a number of magazine and newsletters. I have a second book now available called Peregrinations of the Wordsmith now available from amazon Nov 2016
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