Ted Morgan’s poetry, Odes, Odditudes and Queryosities

After much persuasion by one of my sons I have decided to write a blog. I am a 75 year old with many interests and life experiences. I started off my employment as an Apprentice Tool Maker and ended up as a State Registered nurse and Registered Psychiatric Nurse which could be said is quite a significant change, sort of from nuts and bolts to rubbing bums and giving injections .I served in the Royal Air Force, was a member of Bolton Mountain Rescue team for 20 years, and I have a variety of interests and pursuit’s from writing poetry which has been published in a number of magazines and publications, songs and comic verse. I also played, composed songs and sang in a folk group for a number of years. I am an enthusiastic wood scroller and have made many items which I sold at Craft fairs all over the north of England. My work is in Canada, America, France ,Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa and quite a lot of European countries. I am a widower and live in Bolton Lancashire (Not Greater Manchester)

July 2019

My Third book of poetry entitled  Silhouette Soldiers is now available on amazon as a hard back book and also as a digital download on all book readers.

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